Graffiti artist from Toulouse, Lenz founded with two of
his friends, the SDX Crew, with who he emptied his first
cans using urban furniture as initial canvases.
Lenz then joined the TG Crew where he perfected his
technique. Over the years, meeting artists, he finally found
his place within the collectives OMT and TER.
This continuously inspired artist has experimented with
different techniques and art mediums before returning to his
childhood and pursuing his first true love, the Lego.

In 2006, he launched a series of famous Nike Dunk made
only in Lego. Ever since then, his work has consisted mainly
of sculptures and paintings in Lego, although without totally
abandoning his cans.

Today, Lenz has the chance to share a workshop with Tilt,
an internationally renown artist, who allow him to learn a little
more each day.